5 Essay Services that Should Be Avoided

Knowing which essay services bring value and which should be avoided is crucial in many students’ life, as the aspect can be what makes the difference between a great academic performance and a complete failure. We all know that time and money can be extremely limited when you are studying, so wasting it on subpar products or, worse yet, getting scammed can put you at a great loss that can be difficult to recover from.

Luckily, we made it our goal at Essay Guard to become an excellent source of information on the subject. We make sure that any review that we make is unbiased and informative, as being fair in our analysis is the best way to gain people’s trust. Today we look at 5 essay services that should be avoided. While they are not fraud or scam, the services offered here are subpar.

  1. Essaywriter.org review

EssayWriter Review by Essayguard.com

A website with big claims and no proof to back them off, it should be a red flag from your first visit. It is difficult to understand how the huge number of excellent writers mentioned on the website (more than 1200) didn’t manage to provide any sample papers or biographies to gain trust. Had the team been outstanding, it would have been in everyone’s interest to show the exact quality that can be offered.

Our experience matched that seen in various customer reviews – the writing is disappointing, being simplistic at best, and plagued with various notable mistakes at worst. The website comes with average prices, yet the discounts are another weak point – they are only added to future orders in order to make you return. There are no coupon codes offered periodically here, nor a promo code for starters – everything depends on the amount of money previously paid. With a customer service that is only prepared for basic tasks and information, there is no real saving grace to be found here.

  1. NinjaEssays review

The elegant website design may catch your eye, but it doesn’t take much to realize that the service falters in areas that matter more. You will find no FAQ, no information regarding writers or their work and basically nothing else that is essential to building trust – promotional messages are not enough. Our experience reflected the same lack of attention when it comes to the crucial aspects – the paper we had was subpar in terms of writing and resources. None of the other aspects of the company managed to make up for it.

NinjaEssays Review by Essayguard.com

  1. SameDayEssay review

SameDayEssay Review by Essayguard.com

Contrary to what testimonials say, this service comes with writing problems ranging from incorrect word usage to poor grammar. In fact, you can notice these errors even in some of the samples offered. The lack of quality control here is concerning, as the paper we were left with demanded fixing work on our part – not what you’d hope for when paying for a professional service. There are better options even in the average price range that it sits on.

  1. RushMyEssay review

RushMyEssay Review by Essayguard.com

Another website with a rating that is drawn back by the grammatical errors and incorrect word usage found in the papers delivered. With prices that are above average and customer service that doesn’t do much to fix issues, we can only advise you to look elsewhere.

  1. Writemypapers.org review

WriteMyPapers Review by Essayguard.com

Simplistic writing and basic resources are not the only problems here, as you will also find grammar issues and incorrect word usage throughout your paper. With prices sitting above average, it is difficult for us to see any reason why you should use this service.

Neo-Classical Economic Development of the US and Brazil

Neo-Classical development theory emphasizes that income distribution, outputs, and market prices are determined by forces of supply and demand. The principal aim of Neo-Classical Economics is to deliver efficient allocations of scarce resources. It also assumes that a person’s rationality facilitates them to maximize their utility or profit. The theory also stresses on reaching equilibrium. It elucidates how the interaction between consumers and businesses in a free market should wield an equilibrium supply and quantity. Although differently, both the US and Brazilian economies have embraced this development model.

The US and Brazil governments have strategized to accumulate capital through eliminating trade barriers and facilitating foreign direct investment. When capital is accumulated, distribution from low productivity zones to highly productive regions is enhanced. This move fulfils the utilitarian nature of the neoclassical model of development. It also boosts wealth creation hence increases the per capita GDP. Both the US and Brazil are capitalistic economies, with the US being a developed economy while Brazil an emerging one. Their rise in per capita GDP is a fundamental basis of the Human Development Index that is used to measure living conditions, which according to Neo-Classical theorists; it determines progress and success (Henning, 2008, p.1) .

Reliance on neoclassical development approach has had several negative implications on the economies of both countries. It has led to misleading signs of growth. For example, most statistics indicate higher output and improved living standards; however, they fail to address sustainability of the development (Henning, 2008, p.3) . Brazil and US economies emphasize the significance of free trade while they fail to advocate for the benefit of sustainable development through proper resource use. Increased foreign investment and rapid industrializations has caused serious environmental problems hence unsustainable development.